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Tele2 IoT Partners With Uniti To Enable A Smooth Electric Car Ride


Tele2 IoT Partners With Uniti To Enable A Smooth Electric Car Ride

Uniti Sweden AB, a Swedish company developing electric city car, and Tele2 IoT have decided to collaborate, where Tele2 IoT will provide connectivity, platforms and advisory services required for Uniti’s electric car journey.

The car is optimized for high performance and agility in urban environments, with a user experience that replaces “press and pull” with “touch and swipe”. The electric car was unveiled in 2017 with first deliveries planned for 2019, the company is planning to transform the way humans travel.

Tele2 IoT will provide secure and reliable connectivity solutions to each Uniti car. Data will be used to provide a unique and inspiring user experience trough for example diagnostics and infotainment.

“Uniti is a new driving experience which will result in a solid consensual discovery relationship with the users. These personal relationships will enable Uniti to become the first consumer electronics/vehicle company. The synergies in vision, culture and strategy shared between Tele2 IoT and Uniti are substantial. We are extremely happy to embark on a journey to change the world in this partnership with Tele2 IoT,” says Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti Sweden, AB in a press release issued by the company.

“One of the many exciting reasons that makes Tele2 IoT a great company is the fact that we are doing our share in making a significant difference in sustainability and our environment. Electric vehicles will make a difference in reducing carbon emissions and it is partners like Uniti that make us proud to do our jobs every day.“

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