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Telecom Companies Choosing New Networks Due To 5g Pressure

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Telecom Companies Choosing New Networks Due To 5g Pressure

It was Ericsson which showed the power of the 5G networks in the year 2014, and from that moment, operators, manufacturers, and vendors from all around the world have started talking about 5G. They appreciate its different features like zero latency, virtual reality, reliable IoT.

Asia is one of the biggest markets for 5G, and it is expected that the number of users will reach up to 670 million by the year 2025, which means that they will capture 60% of the 5G market globally. Let’s learn how it will impact the Asian market.


When it comes to the 3G standards for 5G, it is expected tolaunch  in the end of 2017- and this is exactly why more than 20 operators have already started conducting different 5G tests, which also includes different APAC players. Have a look at the few essential facts:-

• In the year 2016, Singtel and Ericsson did a live trial of LAA i.e. license assisted access with 1800-MHZ spectrum and 5GHZ. The result showed an excellent speed of 275 MBPS, and also revealed that LAA can enhance the wifi signals.
• In the year 2016, SOFTBANK also did trials with the help of 4.5.-GHZ and 15-GHZ. These trails happened in Tokyo. They have also announced different tests in the urban areas. It mainly involves 5G new radios, virtual EPC, virtual RAN along with few other support services.
• In the year 2018, SOUTH KOREA is also planning to launch the 5G technology. They will mainly do it in this year because of the OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES. KT, which is one of the biggest mobile operators has also said that the construction process for the trial 5G network will be done by the end of September this year.


Revenue is not the only factor which has made the Asian market invest in 5G technology, but it is also the cost efficiency which has made this technology popular. It also minimizes the deployment cost without any compromise on the quality.

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