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Telefonica To Conduct 4.5G, 4.5G Pro And 4.9G Trials With Nokia


Telefonica To Conduct 4.5G, 4.5G Pro And 4.9G Trials With Nokia

Nokia and Telefónica will work together to explore new technologies such as 4.5G, 4.5G Pro and 4.9G to pave the way for the adoption of 5G technology. The two companies have signed an agreement to develop new compelling services which will lead to additional revenue and customers for the operator. 

The two companies will be conducting trials together to prepare the networks for 5G and to ensure smooth transition so as to maximize the benefits of the new technology. The 5G technology enables extremely low latency and ultra speed mobile broadband, which in turn enables a number of use cases such as connected devices, autonomous vehicles and remote surgery.

Leveraging licensed and unlicensed spectrum as well as Nokia massive MIMO capabilities, the companies will conduct trials to increase capacity in busy city center hot spots as well as in suburban and rural areas, particularly in markets where traditional LTE spectrum is limited. Other trials will use Nokia Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) for the delivery of ultra-low latency communications. MEC allows data to be processed closer to the end-user to enable the faster network response time required by critical machine-to-machine type communications in enteprises such as factories and mines, and to deliver an immersive virtual reality video experience in stadiums. 

Nokia and Telefónica will also investigate network slicing techniques on a cloud native core network usingTelefónica’s UNICA cloud platform. This will allow Telefónica to leverage a common network infrastructure to deliver discrete services to a variety of new and exisiting customers. Telefónica established the UNICA program with the aim of using network functions virtualization and software defined networking to transform the way it delivers customer services, meeting new customer demands rapidly and in the most efficient way.

Enrique Blanco, Systems and Network Global Director at Telefónica said: “As demand rises, we want to deliver the greatest possible network experience even as we expand our offering to both existing and new customers. Working with Nokia we will explore the potential of key technologies that allow us to do this in the most effective way on the path to 5G.”

Pedro Hernández, Vice President of Telefónica Global Business at Nokia, said: “Nokia has defined a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and services that will allow any operator to move to the cloud and 5G at a pace that meets their objectives and the demands of their customers. We are pleased to leverage these technologies and expertise to help Telefónica transform its network and evolve its service offer to anticipate and satisfy changing market demands.”

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