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Telefonica Launches LUCA To Focus On Big Data

Big Data

Telefonica Launches LUCA To Focus On Big Data

Telefónica announced the launch of LUCA, its new Big Data services unit which will help corporates to understand and extract the greatest possible value of the transparent and accountable use of data customers. Its creation is part of Telefonica’s strategy to become a company driven by data, a process that began several years ago with the exploration of the potential of Big Data internally, adapting their infrastructures to grasp and increase its analytical capabilities.


“Data is a critical asset for the future of Telefónica and any organization. With the fundamental premise to Telefónica always maintain the privacy, security and the transparent use of them, we want to help our customers realize their full potential,” says Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and whose unit LUCA integrates. “The Big Data has helped us in Telefonica and we will help our clients in decision-making, more efficient management of resources and, ultimately, to reverse the benefits of this wealth of information not only on their customers or direct but also in society “users.

The offer of the new unit, led by Elena Gil, will have a comprehensive portfolio of services to solve all Big Data needs of corporate clients of Telefonica. This catalog has three main product lines and supported on a wide range of solutions services, some existing and new ones to develop within the company or in collaboration with third parties.

The first line of services relies mainly on the value for all types of customers and aggregated anonymized data networks Telefónica. In this category existing services as include Smart Steps focused on solutions for mobility management for more efficient planning for example transport services and tourism in the cities or in the case of a health emergency, to help understand best movements of the population and limit the spread of pandemics.

Analytical services and external consultancy to national and international clients and offers Synergic Partners , specializing in Big Data and Data Science who joined end of 2015 Telefónica company, will be the focus of the second line services.

Finally, mainly through the BDaaS (Big Data as a Service), LUCA help its customers manage and extract the maximum value from their data using cloud infrastructures Telefonica.

The catalog of products and services will be marketed LUCA from business units of the countries where Telefónica operates which will have its own capabilities internally to the development of local supply.



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