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Telstra Makes A Splash In The Recent Spectrum Auction In Australia


Telstra Makes A Splash In The Recent Spectrum Auction In Australia

Australia’s multiband auction, which concluded recently, raised AUD92.6 million ($70 million), with most of it coming from the sale of 3.4Ghz, a 5G spectrum band.

Telstra, the country’s largest mobile service provider spent AUD50 million on 32.5Mhz in Brisbane in 3.4Ghz frequency band. This means that the price per MHz amounted to nearly AUD1.5 million. On the other hand, Optus bought 3.5Mhz spectrum in Adelaide for AUD5.9 million.

The 3.4Ghz spectrum is increasingly becoming very important for future 5G network deployments. A number of telcos around the globe are increasingly acquiring spectrum in this frequency band to prepare for 5G networks in the near future.

Telstra spent AUD72.5 million to acquire a total of 17 out of 39 lots in the auction. Besides 3.4Ghz, Telstra also acquired spectrum in 2Ghz. Vodafone Australia also spent AUD7 million in 2Ghz frequency band. Besides Telstra and Vodafone Australia, NBN Co and TPG also secured spectrum in the auction, organized by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The organization had announced earlier that it will start to reallocate spectrum in 3.6Ghz and move to 900Mhz to prepare for the 5G broadband services. The telcos across the globe are vying to gain the first mover advantage in the upcoming  5G technology.



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