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The Arrival of 5G Mobile Won’t Be as Huge as Expected

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The Arrival of 5G Mobile Won’t Be as Huge as Expected

Although many well-known mobile operators are planning to launch their 5G service by the end of this year, the newest mobile technology is yet to become a huge success. While O2 is preparing to test its 5G service in South London, Vodafone is planning to launch the service in October in Glasgow, Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Cardiff. EE is also planning to test the service with 5 business users and 5 home users in East London. However, none of these operators has been able to clarify the types of services and the features regarding the technology.

It’s expected that 5G service will not only offer great speed but it will also lower the latency. Therefore, users will experience faster service. The augmented reality or AR and the virtual reality or VR applications will work faster as well.

While using VR applications based on mobile net connection today users often feel irritated as the application doesn’t work in sync. 5G service, on the contrary, will offer low latency that will eradicate the issues related to the movement of the VR apps.

Some of the operators anticipate that the mobile devices that are used today may also get replaced by updated versions because of the launch of 5G services. As connectivity issues will be eliminated because of low latency, it will become easier to build IoT networks. Self-driven cars can be brought in use with the help of this technology. The improvement starts with experiencing better video quality but it’s definitely not the aim of the service. Rather, people will enjoy communicating with the world that is digitally connected.

Nonetheless, these are mere speculations and no one knows whether the expectations will meet the reality. The operators who are going to start the trial of 5G services in different regions will start to offer the service commercially by the end of 2019. However, the expansion of the service will be limited.

Many mobile companies are there that aren’t ready to look at the innovative side of 5G service. According to these companies, 5G may give a better future but that is still not proven and a lot of research still needs to be followed to offer those services. However, at present, they only want to focus on the benefits of the upliftment that 5G is offering.

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