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The Efficiency Promised by #5G Is Motivating the Operators to Speed Up Its Deployment


The Efficiency Promised by #5G Is Motivating the Operators to Speed Up Its Deployment

According to TBR, the analyst firm, the efficiency advantages that 5G service offers are encouraging the telecom operators to speed up the timeframes of their 5G deployment.

As per the report published in 5G Telecom Market Landscape by TBR, in comparison with LTE, 5G service provides 10 times more efficacy on the basis of cost per GB. Therefore, the service providers are opting to deploy the service as soon as possible.

According to the senior analyst of TBR Telecom, as data traffic is increasing to a global scale, operators must invest in an updated technology to survive in the competitive market. 5G can be helpful for them as it is cost-effective and it will provide better service, which will help the operators in retaining customers.

As per the estimation of TBR, more than 85% of the capital expenditure spend by the end of 2020 will be caused by the telecom operators in the USA, South Korea, China, and Japan. Most of the first-class telecom operators in these four countries are ready to roll out their 5G service by the end of next year. They also intend to offer 5G service for both mobile broadband and wireless broadband.

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