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Top Smartphones Disclosed At MWC 2018


Top Smartphones Disclosed At MWC 2018

In MWC 2019 which happened in Barcelona, Spain, a series of new smartphones were released. With 5G technology getting the maximum attention in all around the world, more and more executives are focusing on the importance of next-generation mobile networks.

Unfortunately, smartphones saw a major decline in the year 2017, and therefore mobile phone manufacturers are now trying hard to captivate the audience. This also happened at MWC 2018. Keep reading this article to learn about the top smartphones which were released at MWC 2018.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

This mobile phone works on an Android operating system and has some exceptional features like a 5.5-inch display, a dual camera along with the wireless charging system. This phone will be available in the market from April. It’s cost is 749 euros ( $921).

Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110 is also known as the BANANA phone, which became more popular after the movie “THE MATRIX”. It is available in two colors i.e. black or yellow. This mobile phone is based on Linux Kai OS- which has all the social networking apps. It will also help you connect to a 4G network. This phone will be available in the market from May. It’s cost is 79 euros ( $97).


L6 came with a modified version of its V30 phone. It is quite similar to the old V30 in many ways. This is an Android phone with like a dual camera set up, 6 inch OLED display etc.

The only feature which differentiates this from V3O is its memory and artificial intelligence. This modified version of V30 also has an AI Cam. This is a kind of camera which makes use of machine learning. Release date and price of the phone is still not announced.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The only difference between S8 and S9 is the camera which lets you capture good –quality pictures. It also has a slow motion feature. This phone is based on augmented reality and will compete with Apple iPhone X in future.

It has a special AR Emoji which can help you take a selfie and turn it into an emoji. Isn’t it cool? This phone will be available in the market from March. It’s cost is 849 euros ( $1047). The cost of S9+ is 949 euros ($1,170).

Sony Xperia X72

This phone comes up with HDR video recording, which can make the image look more real. It also has a vibration engine which is known as Dynamic Vibration System. In case, if you are watching or listening to a song, it will immediately vibrate. Release date and price of the phone is still not announced.

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