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#TRAI , #IBM Complete #Blockchain Pilot for Mobile Data Records


#TRAI , #IBM Complete #Blockchain Pilot for Mobile Data Records

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has accomplished blockchain pilots. TRAI has joined its hands together with IBM so that the mobile data records can be improved.

TRAI and other telecom operators have finished the tests with IBM. The aim of the tests is to discover the manifold benefits of the blockchain. The benefits include portability of mobile numbers and DNC or Do Not Call Registry.

According to the vice president of IBM, the company has already executed PoC or proof-of-concept along with pilots with TRAI and other telecom operators. However, the company does not disclose the names of the telecom operators other than TRAI.

As per the explanation, given by the vice president of IBM, the companies will be able to store the DNC and MNP (mobile number portability) data with the help of the updated blockchain. They have to take the consent of the customers to store their data on the privately distributed register. Thus, the government agency TRAI will have better monitoring capability, which will allow it to identify misconduct fast.

MNP or mobile number portability started in India in 2010. The feature allows the customers to keep their mobile number same while changing their mobile network carrier. On the other hand, the DNC or Do Not Call Registry is another feature. This allows the customers to regulate the incoming calls regarding telemarketing.

According to an official of TRAI, the telecom operators are looking forward to signing agreements with the tech companies. The official also said that within the next few months, the tech firms will come up with a mobile record system based on the blockchain.

The TRAI declared in May 2018 that it wants to apply blockchain so that wrongdoing in the telecom sector can be dealt with. According to TRAI, the blockchain system will allow the regulators to have updated tracking devices that will allow them to find out the spammers.



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