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US May Lift Export Ban On ZTE


US May Lift Export Ban On ZTE

US authorities are set to lift export restrictions, recently imposed on Chinese equipment vendor ZTE because it had violated sanctions on Iran.

“As part of the effort to resolve the matter, and based upon binding commitments that ZTE has made to the US government, Commerce expects this week to be able to provide temporary relief from some licensing requirements,” said a Commerce Department official quoted in the Reuters story.

Following the imposition of the ban recently, ZTE had said that it will cooperate with US agencies and will comply with the local laws and regulations.

Export restrictions would have made it difficult for ZTE to source hardware and software from US companies, including Intel, IBM and Microsoft.

ZTE is not the only Chinese vendor to invite the ire of the US authorities. US authorities are known to discourage the country’s service providers to source equipment from Chinese vendors, specifically Huawei over its close links with Chinese Governments.



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