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Vodafone Says Yes To Enterprise Licensing Agreement with VMware


Vodafone Says Yes To Enterprise Licensing Agreement with VMware

Vodafone Group has decided to go for software licensing agreement with VMware, Inc. that will give them the opportunity to access different technology products. In the agreement, VMware will support them in NFV to accelerate its future products delivery and other services in a quick and effective way. Software-defined virtualized platforms and services are one of the integral parts of the plans for service providers as they aim to evolve their mobile networks towards the introduction of 5G in the year 2020.

Vodafone will also deploy VMware vCloud NFV as a part of its group-wide transformation program where they will utilize NFV and software defined networking technologies in different applications and networks. They will also receive Carrier-Grade Support, which is a brand new VMware supporting the implementation process of the new software.

Image Source: Indian Express

Vodafone Group is one of the largest telecommunications firms and offers different range of services including voice, messaging, data communications etc. They have mobile operations in 26 countries, and in major partnership with different mobile networks in 40+.They also have fixed broadband operations in 19 markets.

“Virtualized, cloud-native network functions are a critical element of our Group-wide program as we continue to transform how we build, operate and evolve our networks and services,” said Fran Heeran, Vodafone Group’s Head of Network Virtualisation.

“Reducing the time and cost to deploy and operate services, utilizing automation and convergence in standardized cloud environments for our network and IT businesses is a critical part of our technology and operational transformation strategy.”

VMware vCloud NFV will also offer Vodafone an ETSI-compliant, which is a modular and multi-tenant NFV platform that supports options in virtual infrastructure managers i.e. VMware and OpenStack. It also has a highly available, carrier-grade NFV infrastructure which specializes in Day 2 operations management and service assurance capabilities. Customers can roll out different applications on a common NFV platform, and won’t have to build a new platform for each innovative service.

Image Source: Vodafone

The VMware-based virtualized infrastructure which also includes VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX™ offers common architecture spanning network and IT operations, which will have a good impact on the operational efficiency and overall economics.



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