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What is #MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) All About?


What is #MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) All About?

Multi-access Edge Computing or MEC is one of the several pieces such as Radio Access Network that can enable 5G. Even though MEC is intertwined with 5G, it’s not limited to 5G service.

It’s been found that apart from being implemented in LTE networks, MEC can also be used in an array of contexts. MEC can assist the enterprise applications as well as the Internet of Things. However, the networks should also be improved so that those can support MEC as well.

The concepts of MEC have been accredited by different names such as fog computing, edge cloud, mobile edge computing etc. In short, MEC can be utilized to place the storage resources in such a way that the end users can access that easily. It can also be identified as an evolved cloud computing that allows the application hosting to be brought down from unified data centers to the network edge.

Thus, MEC can cut-down the network path that has been long and imperfect so far. Therefore, the end users can connect better and faster with the location of the data that they access. MEC increases the reliability, reduces the latency and improves the network efficiency.

Many telecom operators such as China Unicom, AT&T, NTT Communications and SK Telecom, Verizon etc support MEC that impact the industry efforts. The President of an analyst company informed that edge computing is also going through major changes. However, it fails to gather as much attention as 5G.

Many telecom network operators believe that MEC can improve the reliability, latency, and efficiency of their mobile networks. However, the General Manager of Cisco stated that edge computing can get the maximum drive because the network operators will have the opportunity to produce a more flawless service environment. MEC will allow the network operators to become providers of the cloud network.

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