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Will #VoLTE Be Available All Across #India Soon?


Will #VoLTE Be Available All Across #India Soon?

According to an analytic firm, Indian telecom companies are prepared to offer VoLTE service across the country. However, there is still uncertainty regarding the availability of the service in all parts of the country.

On the one hand, Reliance Jio has started to offer VoLTE services two years back and it is the first Indian telco to offer it. On the other hand, the other leading telecom companies such as Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel are also looking forward to making the service available across their subscribers.

As per the analysts, no other company has spent as much money as Reliance Jio has spent in the VoLTE service. Reliance Jio has started its journey by offering a 4G network. The other telecom companies have their 2G and 3G networks running till now. They cannot leverage the VoLTE network unless all their subscribers start using 4G service.

Furthermore, Jio has been offering free voice call since its launch in the market and that too against a quite low rate. Therefore, the competitors like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea must revise their pricing strategy if they want to make their VoLTE technology successful.

Although VoLTE does not increase the average revenue per user for the telecom companies, it will certainly bring a positive change in the economy of the companies. The voice traffic will remain similar to the data traffic in the VoLTE network but the additional cost will reduce significantly.

Even though there are handsets available that support 4G VoLTE technology, the telecom companies will have to go through huge changes. Therefore, it may take longer to offer VoLTE than assumed.

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