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XIUS Has Come Up with Its Data Platform Based on Machine Learning

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XIUS Has Come Up with Its Data Platform Based on Machine Learning

XIUS, a leading supplier of mobile technology, mobile payments, and enterprise offerings has unveiled its ‘vData Core’, a patent-pending telco-grade platform. This platform, the first of its kind, incorporates Machine Learning (ML) at the core and equips Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to boost revenue and thrive.

XIUS is a leading provider of mobile payments, mobile technology as well as enterprise offerings. It has recently disclosed its new venture “vData Core”. “vData Core” is a telecom-grade platform and the base of it is includes Machine Learning. Thus, the new patent-pending grade platform of telecom allows Mobile Virtual Network Operators to increase their income and prosper.

Data service helps to generate revenue for many of the CSPs or Communication Service Providers. According to an estimation, by the end of 2021, 52 Exabytes of data will be used every month and 70% of the data will include mobile video. Thus, the CSPs should be prepared for effective monetization as well as an incredible flow in data usage.

5G expects network slicing for various customers and classes of the customer which MVNOs can now achieve through NFV. AI-based slicing and crucial configuring of varied products, services and plans for each customer are made extremely simple by vData Core.

One of the key challenges faced by MVNOs is that a greater portion of Average Revenue per User (ARPU) is generated through data services but lack of innovation has led to flattened revenue and increased customer churn.

G V Kumar, CEO and Managing Director of XIUS said, “MVNOs have been fast to capitalize on the modern day consumer’s data needs and understand that consumers often pick an operator based on data packages. It has also been proven that they can grow their business through customer-centricity. vData Core will enable MVNOs to understand their customer and innovate based on consumer needs. It will help them to efficiently manage and monetize data and ultimately enhance customer experience”.

XIUS vData Core helps MVNOs beat the competition with on-the-fly and quick launch of data plans, add-ons, and combo packages. The Machine Learning (ML) driven auto-generation of personalized product/service offerings to individual subscribers improves customer loyalty and reduces churn. Over a period of time, with extended and vigilant use, it is likely to boost data ARPU by about 15 percent and transform product engagement by about 25 percent.

XIUS is offering highly attractive commercial models to interested customers.



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